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ABLYTRADE is a leading company using brand new innovative technologies in asset management. Our work outcome is our constantly increasing client quantity and the company’s premium trust level where sustainable and predictable market performance is the essential principle. After the 2-year operation at Forex market and at trading platforms we can definitely claim that our expert team now consists of real professionals and even law-makers in many stock exchange technologies.

It is well-known that investing is a quite risky business. Investment profit is prone to numerous variations, which have interconnections expressed or implied and that is the reason why our company uses brand new technologies in its investment market performance and monitors all the changes that might affect the investment profitability. Owing to this, we provide stable investment amount and operating revenue growth.

Our philosophy

ABLYTRADE basement is a team of financial market professionals who are highly experienced in Forex market as well as in traditional stock exchange institutions. Our philosophy foundation grounds on our investors’ trust. Continuous and stable investment refund – is the warranty of our company’s high competence in the investment market. That’s why we highly appreciate our investors’ feedback, when our partners reach their goals by investing to our company. Based on our philosophy, the company core target is investment profitable refund no matter how vulnerable the world stock market is. In order to support this target we created the reserve fund which provides our investors with 100% profitability, even when a trading day is closed with negative return.

The principle difference of our company from other investment platforms is our expert team who are not just skilled, but are also keen on their business; they involve most top technologies and are able to apply with new work approaches to the investment market. For this very reason our investors are assured in our successful activity result both in short-term and in long-term perspective.

Our team has worked out a number of basic principles, which help to provide the investors with expected profitability. As far as Forex market is rather dynamic in the world investment market, we implemented the method that helps to estimate all the risks and reach the confident results in the constantly changing trend. Even with all things considered, we don’t give promises that we can’t confirm by our actions, but the warranty of our performance effectiveness is the confidence recognizance of our partners in their investments. For provision of such warranties our team consists of the top specialists from all over the globe, who make investment business in their regions the most effective.

Our team performance effectiveness is based on the up-to-date business management knowledge as well as on personal contacts of our experts at the local markets, which are the core basement for correct result realization.

Our mission

ABLYTRADE never practice self-denial in innovative approach to business management, which brings our company to the leading positions at the investment market. We are open to all new possibilities, which can produce additional profit to our investors. At constantly changing investment market we steadily keep the top positions among those who work at Forex market. For many companies which only make a shot in this business, we are “the Blue Ocean” that many dream of while making their first steps as investors. In light of this, our company mission was worked out – We make our investors assured in their future and thus we make their lives more stable and safe.

We appreciate our present and future investors’ trust and will be glad to see you as our equal right partners. It is us who take care of our investors as soon as their welfare is the main goal of our activity.

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11 / March / 2020 Forex - Dollar Remains Under Pressure Against Yen By James Woter
AblyTrade Forex Club – The dollar remained lower against the yen Wednesday amid a bid in safe-haven assets as investor fears were realized after the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a global pandemic.
“In the past two weeks the number of cases outside China has increased thirteenfold and the number of affected countries has tripled,” WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a press conference on Wednesday. “In the days and weeks ahead, we expect to see the number of cases, the number of deaths and the number of affected countries to climb even higher.”
USD/JPY fell to 0.72% to Y104.86.
The spread of the coronavirus has overshadowed stimulus moves by global finance institutions to offset the impact of the virus, with Bank of England slashing rates by half a point earlier today.
The U.K government, meanwhile, revealed a 12 billion pound ($15.43 billion) fund to combat the coronavirus.
GBP/USD fell sharply against the dollar, down nearly 0.34% on the day.
17 / February / 2020 Will Bitcoin Price Finally Conquer $10K? Here Are 3 Things to Consider. Bitcoin (BTC) bulls were celebrating the digital asset’s recent surge above $10,000 for the first time this decade, but the smiles were short-lived as Bitcoin failed to hold above $10K for a meaningful amount of time.
Is this another short-lived bull run like the seven times Bitcoin crossed $10K in 2019? Or is this time different?
14 / February / 2020 Dear investors and partners of AblyTrade Forex Club. Valentine's day - for many it is a warm and atmospheric holiday, an additional reason to Express sympathy to your loved ones.
Let your life be full of joyful and pleasant events, romantic and inspired adventures. We wish everyone to enjoy this day from the heart in the circle of close people and bask in the warm embrace of their loved ones.
For our part, we will try to provide decent financial support, providing each partner with the most convenient and favorable conditions for investment.
Best regards, the AblyTrade Forex Club!
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